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TrackSound - The war and Momi's dream  

​ 20th April 2019 The Arches Top Lodge, Corby 

About the Event

A screening of The War and Momi's Dream accompanied by music written by Michele Catania and performed by an ensemble of four.  

Ursula I. Miethe - Cello
Kaethe Uken - Clarinet
Arjun Jethwa - Flute

Ginevra Paniati - Piano


"TrackSound is an eclectic project aiming to establish and celebrate the role of music as a language, restoring soundtracks as a storytelling device. TrackSound challenges its audience to become an active listener of performances that involve music and arts."

Time and Location

20th April 2019, 17:00 - 18:30

The Arches, Top Lodge, Fineshade Wood, Nr. Corby NN17 3BB

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