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Teaching Services

Are you or your child looking for instrumental lessons? 


Learning an instrument can be a fun and rewarding hobby or it can be taken more seriously through exams, performance and auditions. I'm able to cater for whatever reason you choose! I have experience of giving children and adults flute lessons of all abilities; from learning to make a sound for the first time all the way up to an ABRSM Diploma standard. Some of my previous students have gone on to successfully gain undergraduate positions at the University of Birmingham and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. I'm also able to give lessons on the clarinet, saxophone, recorder and music theory up to an equivalent ABRSM Grade 5 standard.  I am fully DBS checked, first aid & chaperone trained and able to offer flexible teaching hours to suit your schedule.


My Experience  


In terms of my own working experience, projects through the LEAP Ensemble frequently take me around the country and into varying learning environments. I think that this puts me in a unique position of sharing music pedagogy practices from around the UK. This is also true of the flute/woodwind tutor positions that I currently hold at Coventry Music, Fairbeats Music and InHarmony Telford & Stoke in addition to my own private tutoring. In the past whilst studying, I also became a mentor for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire's Junior Department where I gained experience leading both a flute choir and an orchestral woodwind sectional. Finally, I am also a graduate of the New Horizons Teaching Course offered by Quench Arts, click here to view my certificate of completion and a summary of what the course covered. 


Getting Started - FAQ

Q. I don't have an instrument yet though I would like to start lessons, can you help with this?

A. Of course! If you need help finding an instrument I'll be glad to help you find one that suits your level! 

Q. What information do you need to know before we start lessons? 

A. I usually ask new students what standard they are currently playing at, if they are working towards any exams/concerts and about what goals you have in mind. They are all useful to know when planning lessons! 

Q. How much do lessons cost? 

A. My current rates are £40 per hour and £22.50 for half an hour. Please get in touch in the first instance to hear about a special introductory offer. 

Q. Where will lessons take place? 

A. Generally speaking, I tend to visit students so that I can teach them in a space they are comfortable. Though if you wanted to visit me, I also teach out of my flat in the Birmingham area. 

Q. How do I get in touch about lessons?  

A. Please use the Contact page to get in touch and I'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours!

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Scroll down to view testimonials and an article written by me for the Fanfare magazine published by the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.


"After struggling to find a flute teacher that could match my own playing, I finally met Arjun. He was able to quickly play my Grade 8 pieces along with me and I was able to learn much quicker from listening to him. He guided me though my Grade 8 exam and also coached me through my audition when I later decided to apply for Conservatoires. He was very supportive and broke down things into easy steps that I could follow. I think I was very lucky to have Arjun as a teacher and it's due to his support that I was able to get a place to study at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire! Thank you so much! "

Yejin Lee, Flute Student


"We are so fortunate that Arjun is our son’s music teacher. He is talented, inspiring and a great mentor. Under his expert tutelage, our son has enjoyed playing the flute to a high standard. Arjun is very keen to include both the joy of playing and composing music and he weaves it into all of his lessons. Our son has passed all his exams in his first attempt and he always looks forward to his lessons. We hope Arjun continues teaching our son for many more years. "

Drs Reddy-Kolanu & Nagarajaiah, Parents


"As an adult beginner to music and the Saxophone, I was extremely nervous about going for lessons. However, I was lucky enough to meet Arjun. He is the most understanding and empathetic tutor I have had the pleasure to work with. His level of expertise and knowledge of music is both broad with accompanied with areas of in-depth expertise. Arjun has a wealth of techniques and processes to help overcome challenges in an effective way tailored to an individual’s experience and aspirations. Most importantly, for me was the fact that the lessons were fun, with good communication skills and, as needed in my case, great patience! These factors have made a significant difference to my confident in learning new music and other instruments. It would be a pleasure to recommend Arjun as a music teacher or coach for complete beginners right through to the most advanced musicians. "

Andy J Freke, Adult Saxophone student.


"Arjun is an exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of each lesson. From helping you work out a practice plan that fits in with your schedule, to finding music that you as a student are interested in, as well as preparing you for exams, he is truly committed to supporting you in achieving your goals. 
Every lesson is fun and encouraging and you leave looking forward to practicing everything you’ve learnt. Arjun’s style of teaching and unwavering belief in the student’s ability to master challenging pieces produces confident, well rounded flautists. 

Rayo Ogunyinka, Adult Flute Student


"Back in 2016, I remember wanting to begin learning a wind instrument. I was so lucky to have found Arjun! He taught me the essentials for playing a recorder and presently, I am to commence Grade 5 in clarinet. Arjun’s techniques are extremely helpful with lucid explanations. His sessions are interactive, enjoyable, and challenging. Additionally, Arjun is approachable and understanding, more like a friend, with all qualities of a fabulous teacher and musician in him. But above anything, Arjun is a genuinely good human being. My family too is fond of him. I look forward to continuing my clarinet journey with Arjun."

Iona Mandal, Clarinet/Recorder Student


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